Music Videos

All videos directed by Kansas Bowling.

Collapsing Scenery – “The Resort Beyond the Last Resort” UNCENSORED VIDEO

Collapsing Scenery – “The Resort Beyond the Last Resort – Uniform Remix” [REMIXED VIDEO EDIT!]

Collapsing Scenery featuring Tippa Lee, Avalon Lopez De Magaña, and L’Espiral – “Morbid Symptoms”

CRX – “Get Close”

Collapsing Scenery – “You Already Know”

Lauren Rocket – “Beam Me Up”

Kristeen Young – “The Bold One”

Death Valley Girls – “Disaster is What We’re After” (feat. Iggy Pop)

Headkrack – “Violence”

CRX – “Falling”

Collapsing Scenery – “Modern World”

Lauren Rocket – “Diamond Nights”

Collapsing Scenery – “Let’s Burn Down The Cornfield (feat. James Chance)”

Drangsal – “Magst Du Mich”

James Marlon Magas – “Feathers in the Clouds”

Death Valley Girls – “One Less Thing (Before I Die)”

TILLI – “Flesh Flower Dream”

TILLI – “Spin Spin”

Taffy – “Murkiii”

Alyeska – “So Long”

Other music videos (click to view):

Z Berg – “Time Flies” (produced by)

Livingmore – “Never Slow Down”

Taffy – “dd”

Kat Meoz – “Here I Wait”

Death Valley Girls – “Disco”

Surfbort – “Trashworld”